Since the idea of a project up to its completion, one of the key factors for the success of the project, is the proper risk management, starting with a risk evaluation in the feasibility phase, and continuing with periodical risk evaluation updates and implementing the applicable action plans and correction measures for mitigate or eliminate those risks and also leverage opportunities.

Through our broad worldwide experience in project and contract management, we offer you to conduct, moderate and assist periodically the risk analysis of your project in order to identify and manage properly and in time risks and opportunities that will conduct your project to the forecasted goals.

We offer our clients the chance to benefit from our extensive network of contacts all over the world, so if there are special needs for transportation, fiscal, security or any other local know how requirements, we can provide you with the appropriate expertise through our network and partners.

Concrete services:

-       Risk Analysis at the beginning of the project during the feasibility study

-    Periodical follow up Project Risk Analysis Review and action plan development, including Change Management


Further to perform a periodically Project Risk Analysis, there is an additional step in project control: performing external Project Audit Reviews. This Audit consist in checking the current project status from all angles:

-       Technical

-       Time Schedule

-       Cost

-       Financial

-       Fiscal

-       Logistics

-       Personnel

-       Quality

-       HSE

-       Documentation Control

The reports resulting from these audits enable to take the required actions to ensure the final project forecasted goals. This tool is offered not only to contractors, but also to investors, shareholders and financial entities.


When a conflict appears in a project, we offer you to prepare the applicable change orders, notices and required assessment and negotiation services and assistance in order to protect and leverage your rights under the contract, whether it is a conflict related to scope, time schedule, loss of productivity, lack of payment, change management or others.

We will be close to your team, analyzing all the facts and preparing the best and more suitable strategy according to your interests.


When it is required by our clients, we also provide a full time contract manager who will be part of your team, whether in the back office and traveling periodically to site, or if required also full time directly at site. This contract manager will be supported by our corporate team taking advantage of the broad experience from our team. 


We also provide training courses for contract and claim management.