Sergio Bermejo

Sergio is a mining engineer specialized in energy resources, fuels, and explosives by the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM), holding a master’s degree in renewable energy by the European University of Madrid (UEM). He also developed both its final thesis researches in the field of renewable energies (design and dimensioning of solar and wind installations).
Mining Engineering (UPM)
Spanish and English
During his training and working period at Neucom Contract Management, Sergio has gained experience in the following main activities:

• Contract analysis
• Negotiation and conflict resolution
• Coordination meetings
• Drafting of reports on specific topics
• Drafting of letters, claims and change orders

Prior to Neucom Contract Management, Sergio worked as a trainee in Tunel Energy S.L as a technician in the design and modelling of a vertical axis wind turbine prototype in the R+D+I Department.
Sergio completed part of his university education at the University of Ljubljana as part of the Erasmus scholarship, giving him an international background and helping him to develop his skills.