Tell us your need and Project situation, and we shall provide you with a tailor made and cost effective solution

We create value to our Clients by supporting you prior and during the entire Project lifecycle, ensuring from one hand the proper observance and fulfillment of the contracts´ obligations, monitoring and protecting the risks and managing change and on the other hand leveraging and materializing the opportunities that appear during the Project execution.

In short, providing control and creating value on the Project execution from a multidisciplinar perspective and based on an important track record of challenging projects and situation.

If you are already at a litigation stage, we also provide support to leverage your position and improve the outcomes.

Full Contract Management

From the early stages and even during the negotiation phase, to the taking over or even final acceptance. Main goals are to observe all Project obligations by the parties, managing change, claims and risks, with the goal of improving the forecasted Project outcome.

Claim Management

From preparing a claim from the scratch after analyzing the facts and the contract to maximize and leverage your position, to revising existing claims or assessing and participate in negotiations. In case of trial or arbitration, we are you best partner to work together with your lawyers and project team.

Risk Management

From the idea of a project up to its completion, one of the key factors for the success of the project, is the proper risk management, starting with a risk evaluation in the feasibility phase, and continuing with periodical risk evaluation updates and implementing the applicable action plans and correction measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks and leverage opportunities as well.

M&A Advisory in the Renewable Sector

Based on our deep knowledge of the risks and opportunities of these kind of projects and our extensive experience in negotiation and M&A, through our partnership with Aboo Partners, we are at an unparalleled position to accurately value either Individual Projects or Project Portfolios combining projects in operation and at earlier stages, and lead or participate in the negotiations with the acquirors or sellers in order to maximize the value for our clients.

Training & Due Diligence

In order to obtain a contract & risk management team culture, to work together to properly handle risk, change, opportunities and changes, we provide tailor made training courses.

We conduct due diligence analysis, making independent assessment of contracts and risks for potential buyers

Litigation Finance Advisory

Additionally, we can provide you with our advisory services in the search of financing for your claim, either to match you with the most suitable litigation funds, who can provide you with the required funds to hire the best lawyers and experts without this being a burden to your company budget either to sell your litigation assets to litigation or hedge funds so you can cash out your litigation process at an early stage. We know very well the opaque world of the Litigation Finance and offer our clients the possibility of contacting these alternative funds with an attractive proposal and negotiating the best offer for you.

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