Our Culture

Why work here

if you want to work in the key construction sectors, on key projects with key partners, and you do not fear to challenge and deal with critical issues and complex problems, Neucom is the place for you

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide every junior member of the team the opportunity to participate in all the aspects of the work of their senior colleagues.

You will be given access and exposure to challenging projects since day 1. The best way to learn to manage projects is to be involved in the daily operations.

You will be working hand in hand with senior Project Managers learning every day from their experience and know how.

Open Positions

Contract Manager Junior


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Charitable Giving

Neucom is committed to supporting meaningful causes around the world, by donating regularly to different initiatives and NGO´s which work for a variety of causes, including natural disaster relief, cancer research, and education. The charitable institutions Neucom contributes donating:

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